Ann Crittenden's latest book: "If You've Raised Kids, You Can Manage Anything"
Mothers and fathers have long suspected that if they can handle the challenges that confront them as parents, they can handle anything. In her new book, Ann Crittenden confirms this unacknowledged truth and demolishes the idea that parents toil in a separate domestic sphere that is somehow less demanding than and different from the world of power and business. Crittenden reveals, for example, that the advice contained in bestselling management books is strikingly similar to the advice offered in parenting books. If You've Raised Kids, You can Manage Anything is the first book to describe the parenting skills that are transferable to the workplace and the lessons of leadership that can be learned from raising children.

Drawing on her own experience, and interviews with nearly 100 prominent parents in the fields of business, law, government, diplomacy, entertainment, and academia, Crittenden discusses how child-rearing:

    calls for multitasking and the ability to function amidst constant distractions
    enhances interpersonal skills, from effective negotiation to dealing with difficult people
    develops skills in motivating and encouraging others to excel
    teaches a keen sense of fair play and integrity, and much more

Full of management tips and positive, real-life stories exploring to what extent corporate culture has begun to recognize the valuable experience of parents, If You've Raised Children, You Can Manage Anything is a powerful book that validates the work of those who raise our children. It offers empowering insights into the assets that conscientious mothers and fathers can bring to the workplace.

Read If You’ve Raised Kids, You Can Manage Anything to discover that:
• Caring for the young in mammals is associated with gains in learning ability, better spacial memory, and fearlessness.

• Management experts and trainers are teaching the very same "people" skills that are recommended in popular baby books.

• A day in the life of a top executive closely resembles a day in the life of a busy mother? (ie: having to focus amidst constant distractions, always dealing with crises, juggling several issues at once, etc).

• A benevolent, "enlightened parent" model of leadership is far more effective than the authoritarian, top-down style of leadership.

• On most measures, female executives are judged more effective than their male counterparts.

• Mothers who have been out of the job market for years have re-entered by drawing up a "transferable skills" resume. Examples are included in If You’ve Raised Kids, You Can Manage Anything.
More about the book:

About the Book
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Management Tips From Mothers


More about the book:
About the Book
Did You Know?
Management Tips From Mothers
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